Unpretentious aquarium fish


Many people dream of having their own home aquarium with beautiful fish. However, not everyone decides to take this step, because without certain knowledge and experience, the fish can die, which, unfortunately, is not uncommon for novice aquarists. But if you are still confident in your abilities, it is best to start with the purchase of unpretentious aquatic inhabitants. Unpretentious aquarium fish will not be so sensitive to the mistakes of beginners.

Pecilians are the most unpretentious aquarium fish


Most experts advise to start keeping an aquarium with the purchase of viviparous fish of the pecilia family, which include the well-known guppies and swordtails. So, for guppies is quite enough even a small aquarium. Often they are kept in an ordinary three-liter jar. Of course, this is far from the best home even for such unpretentious fish. Ideally, the volume of the aquarium for 6-8 guppies should be at least 10 liters. The water temperature should be at 22-27 degrees. Every week you need to drain about 20% of the water and replace it with fresh pre-permanent water. By the way, this should be done in the aquarium with any inhabitants. Guppies are perfectly reproduce. However, there are often cases where they eat their own fry. Therefore, if you want to raise offspring, it is better to separate adults from newborn fish.

Swordtails behave in the same way. With their bright coloration, they will be a decoration of any aquarium. If you plan to keep these fish, the top of the aquarium should be closed, as they can jump out of the water.



Unpretentious to the conditions of content fish can be called and small catfish – golden, mottled and panda. These are quite peaceful creatures. They prefer to live at the bottom of the aquarium closer to the ground. Be sure to equip the aquarium with shelters in which catfish like to hide. It is interesting that catfish are real long-livers. Known cases where these fish lived to 30 years. In addition, they can be called faithful family men: once created a couple, they remain faithful to their soul mate for the rest of their lives.

Labyrinthine – unpretentious aquarium fish

красный петушок

These fish are very popular among novice aquarists, for which there are several reasons. First of all, they are very beautiful – luxurious long bright multicolored tails make them look like peacocks. However, it should be borne in mind that the name they received not by chance. Cockerels are very cocky fish and like to find out the relationship with their relatives. Therefore, if you have two males of this species, the fights will not be avoided. Otherwise, the content of cockerels does not cause difficulties. They do not need a lot of space (5-10 liters per individual). They perfectly eat both dry and live food. If you want to plant any plants in the aquarium, roosters will not damage them.

Gregarious fish

красные неоны

This group includes danio rerio, which are small gregarious fish, whose body length, as a rule, does not exceed five centimeters. They have a greenish or bluish color. In a 10-15 liter aquarium you can plant a flock of 6-8 individuals. Water temperature should be within 21-24 degrees. This temperature regime is not difficult to provide. As this is the usual temperature for urban apartments with central heating. Danio rerio will gladly eat live food, but will not refuse and flake. Due to the fact that these fish are quite bouncy, to avoid accidents, it is recommended to close the aquarium with a lid.

The group of gregarious fish includes neons. They are very beautiful and peaceful fish of small size. However, they require a larger aquarium to live comfortably. So, for 10 individuals of this species will require an aquarium with a volume of at least 50 liters.

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