Useful tips for aquarium beginners

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Useful tips for beginner aquarists will help to avoid unfortunate disappointments. An aquarium with exotic fish creates a cozy and original environment in any house. To maintain a corner of the aquatic world in proper order, you need to have not only a love for nature, but also the necessary experience and knowledge. The novice aquarist from time to time has questions about the maintenance of ornamental fish. Some tips below can help him at the beginning of this fascinating business.

A leaky aquarium is a nuisance. Moreover, the leakage can be in both old and new vessels. It is especially noted in those aquariums that have been without water for a long time. To solve this problem, the aquarium is filled with water up to the edge for a few days.

Usually during this time, the putty soaks, seals the cracks, and the leakage stops. If 200 g of cement is dissolved in water beforehand, the result will be more effective. Cement mortar should be periodically stirred. If these measures do not help, you will have to remove all the old putty and fix all the windows with fresh one.

Aquariums with metal bottoms are unsuitable. Metal in water causes harmful chemical reactions. The bottom, as well as the walls of the vessel, should be glass. At the very least, it should be covered with a layer of epoxy resin. Sometimes the metal frame of the water vessel has contact with water. Rust may appear. The water becomes with a red tint. If this happens, then all the water is drained, the aquarium is well dried, the frame is cleaned and covered with epoxy resin or oil paint. Epoxy resin is a more reliable material in this case.

Make sure that the aquarium is not overgrown with plants. This can lead to a disturbance of the biological balance for all inhabitants of the aquarium. It is recommended to thin out the plants, but carefully to prevent them from dying. Aquatic plants can be planted in plastic pots, but the soil in them should be coarse-grained. In pots with fine sand, it is advisable to make holes in the bottoms so that water can circulate.

An alarming symptom is that all fish float to the surface of the water with their mouths open. This is the first sign of oxygen deficiency. This occurs when the water temperature is high and the water vessel is overcrowded with fish and snails. Another reason may be overfeeding. The first thing that the aquarist should do is to urgently connect the aeration. You should also remove 1/3 of the old water and add the same amount of fresh, necessarily tempered. Fish are recommended a starvation diet for a day. In case of rapid breathing of fish are applied exactly the same measures.

Some useful tips for the spawning ground

The most common cause of spawning eggs and fry dying in the spawning ground is pest bacteria. There are various ways to fight them. Replace 2/3 of the volume of the previous water with new water. Fresh water should be the same composition, tempered and at a temperature higher by 2 degrees C. You can prepare water for spawning grounds in advance. To do this, a week before spawning in the water lowered silver (spoon, coin, etc.), then take it out. Spawning ground with such water will have a favorable environment for offspring. Some aquarists before spawning disinfect the water with iodine, brilliant green, atebrin, aquarol, biomycin, tripaflavin. The proportions of the solution should be extremely accurate, otherwise will lead to the death of fish. The proportions are as follows:

  • 2% iodine, 1-2 drops per 10 liters of water;
  • diamond crystal green, 0.1 mg per 10 liters of water;
  • atebrin, 0.01 g per 100 liters of water;
  • Aquarol, 0.01 g per 100 liters of water;
  • biomycin, 5 mg per 10 liters of water;
  • tripaflavin, 10 mg per 10 liters of water.

Species of labyrinth fish: gourami, macropods, cockerels, labyrias, laliuses release a thick white foam before building a nest. It should not be removed, as there is a natural process of reproduction.

In the water vessel of fish of the same sex can be kept only males, and not all. Fighting fish and cichlids, kept for a long time without females, become very aggressive. If after they are placed to the female, they can kill her. Females kept without males get sick and die. Eggs, which they were not able to hatch, harden, cysts are formed, the ability to reproduce is lost, and often death occurs.

Gregarious fish (cardinals, danio and others) should live in a pack. It is undesirable to keep them alone.

These useful tips will help the novice aquarist avoid some of the mistakes of keeping ornamental fish.

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